Osada Mlysnka – Rafal’s Bojar Workshop

Hello lovely people out there!

Few days ago I had a pleasure of taking part in Rafał’s Bojar Worshop at Osada Młynska near Warsaw. Rafał is not only an amazing photographer (he was named as one of 30 Rising Stars Of Wedding Photography in 2016) but he also is a very friendly, gentle and kind human being.
The whole day was very inspiring, full of laughter and fun. I also had a chance to listen to a very emotional and beautiful songs by Fismoll who is a great Polish artist. If you haven’t heard of him yet, here is your chance! I also very much enjoyed the presentation by super talented Sebastian Nandryka from SuperWeddings. This guy’s creativity is simply mind blowing! For all my fellow photographers, if you need some fresh inspiration or if you just starting out Rafal is your man! Check out his website for more details.
So here is a result of an intimate couple session with Nadiia and Marcin who were absolutely amazing that day. Thank yo so much guys for being so calm, relaxed and patient with us. Being photograph by such a huge group of photographers is indeed a very hard job! And most of all thank you for sharing your LOVE with us. This is my first entirely b&w intimate session, and I must say I really like the mood that b&w photos can create.

THANK YOU Rafał for creating this MAGIC for us!

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