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Love story that began with a cigarette!

This is a story of Nina ans Sebastian. Probably the most laid-back and relaxed couple and the wedding we had so far! And we absolutely loved every minute of their wedding day.  The whole day was so calm and relaxed. No stress, no running around. The couple and their loved ones just the way they are without any fuss.

This amazing couple had a private and intimate ceremony at noon in the Zivilstandesamt in Bern, just the two of them and the witnesses. We didn’t took part in the ceremony but started off from the session with newlyweds and their adorable little daughter. In the afternoon they celebrated their wedding with their little daughter, family and close friends with some good food, wine and music. All on the grounds of Dampfzentrale which is a very cool industrial venue in Bern, Switzerland.  Interestingly, Dampfzentrale which means steam center used to be a fossil fuel power plant built in 1904. Now after extensive refurbishment that was carried out in late 90’s it serves as center for contemporary dance and music.  Perfect venue for couples who love good music, food and decor all in the heart of a busy city.

So grab your favourite drink and enjoy this selection from Nina and Sebastian’s Big Day! And if you are planning your awesome wedding in Bern get in touch! We would love to hear your plans!!!



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